Email Marketing Campaigns that Get Results

WholesaleCentral is the top destination for the wholesale industry and retail B2B buyers that shop and look for suppliers through the marketplace. Reach over 60,000 business contacts through our network with an email campaign customized to generate leads for your brand.

Our marketing team has over 10 years experience producing email marketing campaigns that get results. We work closely with your company to create an effective and professional message.

Key Steps to any Campaign:


This must be a measurable and specific goal for your campaign.
Signups, Registrations, Filling out a Form to receive more information or a Direct Purchase of a specific product or service. The action requested in the message must be measurable by clear data.


The best offers include a real benefit to your customer, such as a discount or special package deal. There should be a time limit and offer an advantage for acting now. You can also mention the reason for your offer — Seasons are changing and you need to clear out last season’s merchandise or you are introducing new products. The offer is the hook to entice a contact to act upon you objective.


Your email will clearly present the Offer in an attractive and responsive manner — displaying well on all devices. Our designers are ready to assist to ensure your message is well received. The message will be carefully timed to deliver the best results.


The landing page should continue and reflect the messaging from the email to ensure that the Objective action is taken. The Landing page presentation is essential for your potential new customer. If the offering from the email and the wording on the landing page do not match, it increases the likelihood that a recipient will abandon the action.

If needed, our team can construct a clear landing page designed to convert the prospect into a new customer.

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