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Save-A-Cell dries and recovers smartphones and other small electronic devices if they are submerged in water or splashed with a liquid. “We all know that electronics and water do not mix,” states Bardi Toto, owner of Xceptional Marketing Solutions, the firm that distributes the product. “I have seen very expensive electronic devices, including iPhones, get ruined from even small amounts of liquid.

Everyone knows that promotions around Christmas and the New Year go hand in hand, regardless of the marketing channel. With consumer spending at its peak, brands need to be promoting their products as much as possible. According to ComScore, 30 percent of retail ecommerce consumer spending took place in the fourth quarter in 2012, with a majority concentrated in the second half.

Instagram is now the go-to place for people to share photos with friends and family. Moreover, it is a great place for people to post pictures of things they want to sell, and indie retailers are finding it is an invaluable way to reach customers. Hordes of users have turned Instagram into a profitable business opportunity, building new services on top of the existing platform.

Savvy merchants build customer loyalty by merging the social media experience with their brick-and-mortar operations. Retailers with some of the best performance metrics from Pinterest and other visual platforms abide by the following five best practices that you can adopt for your own brand.

Many business owners are frustrated by social networking sites that have not achieved the results they expected. That usually means they were expecting too much without putting in the required effort. Unfortunately, building a profile and even staying active on a site is not enough to bring people to you. The secret to successful use of social media is making connections and feeding relationships to develop strong bonds. To do this, businesses have to make it about people and not about their products.

Xceptional Marketing Solutions recently surveyed 110 of the most followed Pinterest pinners to get a better understanding of their habits and preferences. We asked these influencers what advice they would give merchants who want to optimize their images for Pinterest. Specifically, we wanted to learn what they would tell merchants to do or not do in order to make them more likely to pin from you, and to get the most repins and traction on Pinterest. When these power pinners offer advice on how to best optimize your website product images to make them go viral on the social media site, retailers might want to take note. Here are the three tips.

Save-A-Cell, the wet phone rescue kit from Xceptional Marketing Solutions, is a great way for consumers to save their smartphones if they are submerged in water or splashed with any liquid. The product dries wet phones quickly, saving consumers money by recovering the use of their devices and preserving their data, such as contacts and photos.